LT-262 Rev. 11/12 NORTH CAROLINA DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES LICENSE AND THEFT BUREAU NOTICE OF INTENT TO SELL A VEHICLE TO SATISFY STORAGE AND/OR MECHANIC S LIEN DO NOT COMPLETE UNLESS LT-260 UNCLAIMED REPORT HAS ALREADY BEEN FILED Date A. DESCRIPTION OF VEHICLE must be fully completed Make Year Body Style License Plate Number Serial Number/VIN B. State Year Last Registered LOCATION OF VEHICLE must be fully completed Place Stored Address C. City State/Zip Lien for Check appropriate space or...
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The Panther Captain Falcon 38 et was original a check tank of the pre-world war ii design after czechoslovakia was taken over by germany it was adopted by the German army seeing service in the invasion of Poland France and Russia German gray camouflage is a very easy to paint but I prefer using more colors tank 48t didn't service only in the German army the Slovak Republic which was a Korean state over Nazi Germany existed between 14 of March 1949 and differ of April 1945 Slovak army actually had a few for the HD tanks to the tanks has classic free colours chicamaw polish but after battle of early poets in 1941 they were repainted to green I decided to paint my tank with camouflage use in this battle I paint the assembled model with mr. surfacer 1000 I start painting the model with lighter colors in this case is the lights and another color is green I am rushing with a 0.2 millimeter nozzle it is necessary to try the paint on the plastic board first finally the red color actually it is not burette but brick shade I paint the exhaust pipe with rust color and the wheel hoops we funds are gay I quote for model with two layers of the clear varnish I add waterslide decals and after that one more layer over clear varnish finally I can be with weathering I use Tamia watch online accent color which I wipe off afterward with a brush moistened in Tamiya x20 thinner I create a nicer rust look with niggers pigments which I subsequently fix with pigment fixer against from amic production I add some scratches with brush with lights and color the brush which I'm using is dummy a paint brush small but thanks to looks like a new so I add a little over us blade for this purpose our enamel paints a curling varnish is the resistance through an amount winner so we can smear two enamel paint and use like a wash I paint the light scratches with dark rust it is easier to do it before soft form thanks for watching in the next video I'm going to make a small diorama for this model Oh